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Cats get to stay in spacious, indvidual chalets that are completely separate and isolated from the canine areas. A substantial, brick built bungalow with large glass frontage allows our feline guests a sea view and plenty of opportunity to do some serious bird watching!



Large enough for up to 3 cats from the same family our chalets have full height perspex barriers allowing our guests to see each other without any feeling of intimidation - important for any nervous residents. Although the cattery has a very 'indoor' feel to it the numerous, large windows and front door allow plenty of fresh air in the warmer months. Needless to say, it is very warm and cosy through the winter with the individual heaing pads and space heaters.


All our guests need to be up to date with their innoculations against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis for the benefit of everyone.


Whilst we have plenty of toys and distractions to keep our customers happy if there is a special something that you feel will help your cat settlee in and enjoy their stay even more feel free to bring it along.


We have a good stock and range of all major cat food available, however if your pet is on an unusual or veterinary prescribed diet we are happy to offer a small discount if you supply enough food for the duration of their stay with us. Any guests requiring medication during their stay is no problem and we are happy to administer any pills or injections at no extra charge, giving you extra peace of mind.


We are happy to offer safety, security and dedicated individual care to all our guests. If our guests go home relaxed and happy then we consider that a job well done!

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