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Boarding & Daycare

At the Coach House we have a comfortable, heated, purpose built kennel block that has a variety of rooms able to accomadate every breed, size and temperament. From family rooms to a unit specifically designed for our smaller guests we are big enough to cope whilst remining small enough to care



We have spacious accommodations for all our guests. We do our best to personalize our services to fit your pets’ needs and offer different activities and services to make sure that all guests have options to customize the level of activity while staying with us. Although we include walks and outside time for all our canine guests as part of the standard boarding, we also offer doggie-daycare for intense socialization and play, individual play sessions customized to your pet, cuddle time which is often great for our older, less-active guests and extra walks if required in order to make sure your pets get the amount of time outside that they are used to.


We carry a good selection and variety of food to try to match your dogs normal diet or you're welcome to bring in your dogs food from home. We also provide all necessary bedding, bowls, toys etc. but you’re welcome to bring in anything that you think might make your pet more comfortable. Maybe nothing too expensive or sentimental though just in case of accidents!

While your pet is boarding with us it must be up to date on all required vaccinations, which for dogs include parvo and distemper. Bordatela (canine/kennel cough) vaccination is not compulsory but is recommended


It’s your responsibility to maintain these vaccines for your pets. Talk with your vet about your travel plans in order to make sure that your dog have these vaccinations in time to protect them while boarding.

Doggy Day Care

Coach House Kennels has been offering Doggy Day Care since 2001. If your dog is sociable and enjoys playing with other dogs then bring your dog in to join in the fun while you’re at work, running errands or just to give your dog that outlet they need to burn off excess energy.  Doggy Day Care offers so many advantages to your dog and can really alleviate a lot of problems as well.

How many of us are busy with work, kids, school, sports? The list goes on and on. Well while you’re busy with all those things your dog is sitting at home, cooped up or worse, in a crate while waiting for someone to interact with. Now after a long and busy day, the last thing you have is the energy left to give your dog the kind of exercise and stimulation they truly need. At Coach House Doggy Day Care your dog will be playing both indoors and outdoors all day in a supervised setting that was designed specifically for dogs. When you pick up your dog they will be ready to take it easy alongside you. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your dog had plenty of exercise and stimulation making relaxing and enjoying each other’s company after a long day a guilt-free experience. Get in touch and take advantage of our FREE trial day offer!

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